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Crystal Chakra - Crystal Set
In Stock: 10


7 Chakra Stones with a Booklet & Pouch
Price: £12.00

Crystal Chakra 12 Piece Set With Pouch
In Stock: 1


12 Piece Crystal Chakra Set With Pouch

A beautiful set of ten polished discs, plus one polished citrine crystal and one natural quartz crystal, 12 in all, presented in an elegant suede effect pouch. The discs are high quality polished gemstone and correspond to the colours associated with balancing the body’s energy centres.


Price: £21.99

Crystal Gemstone Wand - Chakra
In Stock: 1


Crystal Gemstone Chakra Wand with a spiral silver wire
allows energy to be conducted between the two ends of the wand.
Price: £39.99

Crystal Healing Set - Chakra
In Stock: 10


Crystal Healing Sets
Each set comes in a pouch and with a card informing you about your crystals as well as containing information on how to use and take care of them.

Carry your Crystals around with you in the pouch provided, pop them in your bath water & for night time use, either put them under your pillow or beside the bed for maximum 24 hour benefit.

Each set is individually cleansed, programmed and energized with Reiki before being dispatched to you.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, we can design a set to suit your individual needs.

Please note: pouch & crystals may vary from the picture shown

Crystal sizes: 10-20mm

Price: £7.99

Hanging Crystals - Clear Sphere with Chakra Tail
In Stock: 10


Top grade lead crystal (optical quality) for extra sparkle crystal spheres hung on gemstone encrusted tails. Some refer to these as Crystal Comets. Attractive eye catching and a perfect gift.

Sphere Dia: 40mm
Chakra Tail with 7 types of gemstones : 350mm
Price: £10.50

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