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Book - Power Crystals
In Stock: 2


Book - Power Crystals
Price: £19.99

Chakra Crystals
In Stock: 2


Book - Chakra Crystals
Price: £14.99

Crystal - Agate Slice
In Stock: 13


Agate Slice
Price: £2.20

Crystal - Magnetic Snake Eggs (Pair)
In Stock: 6


Hematite Magnets
Can you do this? You can do all sorts of amazing tricks with these new super powerful Hematite Magnets. Powerful enough to stun your friends, almost unbreakable - you can toss them separately in the air where they will spring together with loud impressive rattle. Wonderful for demonstrating.
Some folks claim that Hematite magnets help with arthritic pain and such like.

4.5cm Long Aprox
Price: £2.95

Crystal Gemstone Heart - Rainbow Fluorite
In Stock: 0


Rainbow Fluorite Heart
Price: £5.00
Out of Stock

Crystal Palm Stone - Clear Quartz
In Stock: 0


Crystal Palmstones, also known as worry stones, feel comforting when held. These crystals emit a soft gentle energy which, depending on the properties of the crystal, can make you feel more relaxed just by rubbing your hand or fingers over their smooth surface.
Hold these crystals in the palm of your hand to feel their benefits during meditation, healing or even when you are feeling stressed. Crystal Palmstones are discreet enough to be carried in a purse or a pocket or bag & small enough to place under a pillow.

They are beautiful to display in your home or at work and are an ideal gift

All Crystals are hand picked, cleansed, charged and are Ready to use!

The average size of our Palmstones is 7cm x 5cm.
Price: £10.00
Out of Stock

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